Chris Castor

Fine Art & Multimedia


Cardboard Cadet was created in 2017 by my 5 year old son Kai and I. We have been doing fun, artistic projects like this for a while (and only when he wants to haha). With a little cardboard, an DSLR camera, a DJI drone, and some imagination we created this short. Little did Kai and I know that this would be so well-received. As of April of 2018 it has had hundreds of thousands of views between the various social media platforms it has been posted on. It won best narrative in Los Angles Drone Film Festival. It was a best narrative nominee in the NYC Drone Film Festival. It was awarded Best Original video of 2017 in the Airvuz Drone Video Awards. It is a Twister Alley Film Festival official selection. And it is currently in the process of being reviewed for two other international drone film festivals. More importantly, it was so fun for my son and I to make. It will be great memories for us in the future. Below is a fun behind the scenes of the film. 

Flutter was shot completely on a DJI drone and was an idea I had for showing the complexity of nature verses what we can create as humans. It was an official selection of the NYC Drone Film Festival, Twister Alley Film Festival, and is currently being reviewed for two other drone film festivals.

***WARNING*** This video may or may not be suitable for children. Parents please make that call for your kids. It's not really that graphic in my opinion. But I don't want anyone surprised and offended. The Last Dronie was a fun project with some hometown friends. The idea being, what would you do if you were caught in a zombie apocalypse with a drone? Could you use it to find a route out? This video won Best Dronie at the NYC Drone Film Festival and is an official selection for the Twister Alley Film Festival. It is also in consideration for two other drone film festivals.