Chris Castor

Fine Art & Multimedia


Below you will find examples of my work. Please refer to the contact page for any questions regarding my work or to receive a quote for a commission.


4'x5' Black & White Acrylic

I had the opportunity to attend Kevin Durant's first annual KD Charity Foundation Event and do a live painting for the duration of the event. At the end of the evening the  painting was signed and presented as a live auction item. The painting was won by Kevin Durant's mother, Wanda, after a bidding war between a few others in attendance. The painting went for $5000 and the funds, along with the other money raised that night, will go to help the KD Charity Foundation do it's work.  A special thanks to Denise Castelli of Limelight Productions, Amber King of the 40/40 Club in NYC, KD's Restaurant, and Kevin Durant himself for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful event.  

***Pictures from the Player's Tribune and NBA and myself***


24"x30" Acrylic - Color &  24"x30" Acrylic - Black & White

I had the amazing opportunity to paint two portraits of AE's hit reality show Duck Dynasty stars Phil and Miss Kay Robertson. One of the paintings was signed by the stars and auctioned off for a NRA event. The other was given as a gift to the Robertsons by myself, the people of NW Oklahoma, and the NRA. The painting can be seen in the living room of the couple on the show from time to time.

Taylor Swift

22"x24" Watercolor - Color

I painted this water color and a short time lapse video to go with this watercolor as an example for a Taylor Swift music video I have. 







Kevin Durant

24"x30" Acrylic - Color

I partnered with Case of Champions in Oklahoma City to paint a few portraits of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Case of Champions has a booth at each of the Thunder home games where items are auctioned. Paintings were auctioned off at the games and part of the proceeds went to Thunder Cares. Contact Case of Champions for any of your framing or case needs. Of the paintings below, the first auctioned for around $3,000. The other is still available for purchase. The individual painting of Kevin Durant (an 18"x24" acrylic) was also signed before auction. The other is a 5 foot square acrylic painting. It may be reworked due to Thabo Sefolosha and Kendrick Perkins leaving the Thunder.




Kevin Durant

2'x4' Acrylic

Painting done of Kevin Durant. In the last picture you can see the painting in Kevin's home featured in the HBO Special "The Offseason."

Russell Westbrook

16"x20" Acrylic

John Mayer

18"24" Acrylic & Ink On Layered Wood Panels

Commission by Vanity Perkins

36"x48" Acrylic - Color

Vanity Perkins, wife of OKC Thunder player Kendrick Perkins, recently commissioned me to paint a portrait of her and her friend for their   beauty salon and store in OKC. 

Believe In Jesus - Time Lapse Painting

4'x6' Acrylic - Painted in one setting of around 10 hours. Click here to see time lapse paintings.

LABC Biblical Paintings

5'x5' Squares - Acrylic

Various Paintings

Watercolor - Acrylic - Oil